GoDaddy may have exposed 1.2 million accounts

According to EnGadget – “In disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission, web registrar and hosting company GoDaddy has revealed that it discovered it had been hacked. The company says that it discovered an “unauthorized third party” had gained access to its Managed WordPress hosting environment. Anything up to 1.2 million users have seen their email address and customer number exposed, as well as admin passwords for both WordPress sites hosted on the platform, plus passwords for sFTPs, databases and SSL private keys.

In addition, it says that it has reset the relevant credentials and will work with users to issue new SSL certificates. Comes ends his statement by saying that the company will, perhaps a little too belatedly, “learn from this incident” and will take steps to prevent such a breach happening in future.”

GoDaddy is taking steps to fix this issue but it may be a bit late, seeing that this attacker is reported to have had up to two months of access to GoDaddy’s internal system before being noticed. If you currently host with GoDaddy, you should reset all of your passwords immediately. Also, reset your sFTP and database usernames and passwords, as they may also have been exposed in this breach.

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