Custom Outreach Service

Customized Blogger Outreach Service

We develop a pitch and then identify the best possible websites, within your niche, to target. We then manually reach out to each website, negotiating and obtaining backlinks and guest posts on your behalf. This is our most tailored Link Building plan, targeting websites specifically to your niche.


Our SEO Team will spend hours searching for relating websites, specific to your industry or niche. We then create a customized pitch to send to each website.

White Hat Links

We then place strategic backlinks on these websites through custom-written Guest Posts or Links which will gain SEO value for your website or store.

Link Reporting

We'll keep you updated on the process along the way and then provide a report on the Links that we've been able to build for your site.

Purchase Monthly Custom Outreach Services:

For a customized option on your specific needs, please Email Us for quote.

$ 795/ mo

Perfect for Start-Ups

Basic Outreach
  • 3-5+ Backlink Placements
  • Customized Pitch Developed
  • Monthly Reporting & Tracking
  • 10 Prospecting Hours
  • 5 Email Follow-ups
  • 5 Responding Hours
  • 1-2 Custom Articles
$ 2995/ mo

Corporate / Brand Solution

Professional Outreach
  • 15-20+ Backlink Placements
  • Customized Pitch Developed
  • Monthly Reporting & Tracking
  • 30 Prospecting Hours
  • 20 Email Follow-ups
  • 20 Responding Hours
  • 5-10 Custom Articles

What is Link Building and Custom Outreach?

Our Link Building services add links via guest posts to websites on our existing network.
Our Custom Outreach Services are more tailored, reaching out to specific websites in your niche.

Natural Backlinks provide Long Term SEO Value

We don't try to "outsmart" search engines. We strategically partner with blogs and news organizations to place quality articles and backlinks to our client's websites.

Industry-Leading "White Hat" Methods

We don't purchase links or use PBN networks. Our SEO content, articles, guest posts and links are all manually obtained. We've been in the SEO business for over a decade and monitor Google, Yahoo and Bing for algorithm changes on a daily basis. We would never use "black-hat" strategies.