Add Terms & Privacy Policies to your website.

Your website needs Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages in 2021, period. States are proposing laws that will allow consumers to sue businesses anywhere in the US for not having a compliant Privacy Policy. Any website collecting as little as an email address on a contact form should not only have a Privacy Policy, but also have a strategy to keep it up to date when the laws change.

This is why Astounding Designs is now a Certified Privacy Partner with Termageddon.

Meet Termageddon: Silly name, serious product.

Termageddon is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a vendor by the  International Association of Privacy Professionals ( The company is founded and run by a licensed privacy attorney who also serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association – ePrivacy Committee.

Simply answer their questions, pay the monthly or yearly fee and implement their code onto your website. Once done, your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will update automatically, once laws change or privacy standards are updated.

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