Top 5 Free Stock Photo Sites for 2022

In today’s digital age, visuals play a crucial role in capturing the attention of online users. Whether you’re designing a website, writing a blog, or managing social media accounts, high-quality images are essential to create engaging content. Many clients prefer to use stock photos for their projects as they provide a wide range of visually appealing options. In this article, we will explore the top 5 free stock photo websites that you can use in 2023. These platforms offer an extensive collection of free stock photos without any payment or royalty requirements, making them ideal for your website, blog, or social media posts.

Let’s start by ranking our Top 5 Favorite Stock Photo sites:


Pexels is our favorite resource for Free Stock Photos. Pexels offers millions of photos (most of which are super high resolution) and continues to have photos added on a daily basis. One of the internet’s largest free stock photo resources, our clients have used for years. All images on are Free to Use, No Attribution is Require and you can modify or edit the images as much or as little as you’d like.


Unsplash is another amazing resource for high quality, free stock photos. Unsplash has over 3,000,000 images that were uploaded from their community user base. All of the images are freely usable and range from standard camera shots to extremely high resolution, studio quality photos. You can use Unsplash photos on any of your web projects, as long as the photos aren’t resold.. meaning you have free access to over 3,000,000 images at any time.


Pixabay is our 3rd favorite, coming in strong with over 2,600,000 free stock photos that you can use on your website project. Pixabay also features a wide variety of videos and music that you can use as well. This vibrant community of photographers allows use of their images on any projects, without royalty or attribution, making it another great option for free stock photos.


Coming in 4th (but starting to grow popularity among our team) is Tis is a relatively newer free stock photo site, in comparison to our Top 3 above.. but it’s still a power-house, when it comes to variety. Under the Creative Commons license, all images are free to download and use. Another great feature about is their “waterfall” effect on their homepage, where you can browse hundreds of photos.. for inspiration and ideas. Hundreds of photos are added daily, so check back often for new options.


Taking the last spot in our Top 5 countdown is Vecteezy. The reason we like Vecteezy is that each photo is hand selected by their team, so their free stock photos are absolutely stunning. Their “worry-free” motto gives you piece of mind that you can use their high quality photos without a license or attribution. We particularly like this website for nature, outdoors, animal and city photo options.

Honorable Mentions:

Some additional options for Royalty-Free Stock Photos in 2022 are:

The 10 options above will give you access to over 10,000,000 free stock photos that you can use on your next website, social media campaign or brand marketing project. Although it’s not required, we always recommend crediting the authors of stock photos that you use.

Best Paid Stock Photo Option for 2022:

Now if you’ve exhausted all of the options above.. or you’re looking for even higher quality, or a larger selection of premium photos, we highly recommend taking a look at DepositPhotos. DepositPhotos is a paid stock photo provider with millions of options. Each photo is professionally captured and rendered for the highest quality possible.

DepositPhotos images are (on average) around $14 per image, if purchased separately. They currently have a special offer for 100 images for $100, or flexible monthly billing packages (150 images per month for $99, for example) which can bring your cost per image down to as low as $0.27 per image (which is far lower than competitors).

We’ve been using DepositPhotos for years and highly recommend their service as a paid stock photo option.

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