WooCommerce Fix: Products Not Displaying in Category

We’ve recently found a strange error, which effects WooCommerce products not displaying properly in a category, even if in stock and the category is set properly. This error has been reported in several WooCommerce support forum threads that we’ve seen so far, but we have yet to see a patch/fix to resolve this.

Make sure your product is in stock and categories are selected, then follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to your Product panel on your Admin Panel:
  • 2. Find the product in question and click “Quick Edit”
  • 3. Click the “Featured” option box and then SAVE.
  • 4. Quick edit the same product and SAVE again.

Adding the product as featured.. then removing it.. seems to trigger the re-index of each product.

Normally we would suggest the Bulk Regenerate tool in WOOCOMMERCE > STATUS > TOOLS, but this didn’t work in our case. You should continue to keep your WooCommerce installation up to date, as their team will come out with a fix for this, we’re sure.. but until then, this is a temporary fix, should you have the same problem on your site.

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