Automated Search Engine Optimization Plans

Can you really automate your search engine optimization?

The answer is YES! We built our Automated SEO Plans to be a “hands off” way for business owners of all sizes to be able to customize a SEO Campaign for the specific requirements of your business. Let our SEO Team do all the heavy lifting. You have enough to handle!

Weekly Content, On-Page Optimization, Backlinks & SEO Reports and more. Our 100% Automated SEO Plans, curated by SEO Industry Experts, will bring your website to the forefront of Google, Yahoo and Bing.. directly in front of the eyes of searching customers.

Is Automated SEO effective in 2020?

We don’t try to “outsmart” search engines. Every week our SEO Expert Writers will add blog posts to your website, specifically written for SEO purposes. We then source industry-related blogs and websites to place hand-written SEO articles on, creating valuable backlinks back to your website.

Our SEO Platform recommends industry-related websites and blogs for our SEO Team to manually outreach. We then acquire link placements on high value websites through hand-written SEO blog posts on these websites, providing unique and creative backlinks which Google indexes.

How much does Automated SEO cost?

Plans start at just $199/month and include (4) SEO Blog Posts per week, Automatic Backlinks and On-Site Optimization.

For pricing on all of our automated search engine optimization, visit this page: Automated SEO Plans

Thank you for choosing Astounding Designs for your SEO needs. We look forward to working with you.

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