Business SEO: Drive Traffic with a Blog

For years, Google has suggested unique content as one of it’s highest ranking factors. Sure.. you can post unique content on your pages and target those for SEO, but one of the easiest ways to get the most value from your business website is a blog. After seeing 1000s of websites and Business SEO strategies, nothing has been more effective than unique content, for business websites to expand their SEO reach.

Assuming your business website is WordPress based (over 60% of business websites are now WP powered), it already has a tremendous amount of default features that Google and major search engines love. Even if you do nothing else for your business website, posting unique content to your blog, will add tremendous value over time, regardless of how Google changes and evolves. Routine and unique content is so important that even our best-selling Automated SEO Plans revolve around posting weekly blog posts.

Keyword Rich Content is key for Website SEO

When you add a blog post to your website, Google will index it quickly as “active content”. The title and descriptions that you use should be keyword rich. Include industry terms or keywords that you would like to target, in both your post’s title and description.

Next is Blog Tags, another Blog Post function on WordPress sites. These Blog Tags should be the same keyword(s) that you are targeting for both your post and your site in general. WordPress will take these Blog Tags and create keyword rich links, within your site, that Google can crawl through.

Then, any images that you use within your posts and your post’s Featured Image should all contain ALT tags. ALT tags are similar to blog tags, but for images. These will help show Google that these keywords are meant to be targeted.

The #1 Rule in SEO – “Content is King”

Now that you have a basic layout of posts, it’s time to write your content. In the SEO Industry, you’ll hear the same mentality repeated constantly.. “Content is King”. The reason that you hear this is because it’s true. Regardless of how Google changes their algorithm, quality/unique content has always been a key to success for business websites.

Choose your targeted keyword(s) and surround those keywords with unique content. For example, if you’re a Lawyer in Massachusetts, you should write topics about the law industry, law news, changes in laws and content relating to the cities that you service. Your targeted keyword should be in your Title, Description, Blog Tags then it should be 1-2% of your content. This is the equivalent to 1-2 times per 100 words.

Combine ON and OFF site SEO for higher rankings.

Once you are posting regularly on your blog, Google will begin to recognize your posts and your injected keywords. The next step would be to build off of that indexing and outreach to industry websites, other blogs or news sources. Getting your website or blog “backlinks” on other websites will give Google even more reason to notice your business.

At Astounding Designs, we provide multiple Business SEO Services, should you choose more of a “hands-off” approach. We’ve modernized Business SEO with our Automated SEO Plans, which combine weekly blog posting with outreach and link building.

If you’re handling your own blog posting and need High DA (domain authority) backlinks, visit our on-demand, Link Building Service. For a more scaled, unique outreach solution, our Custom Blogger Outreach Service may be for you.

Free Business SEO Strategy

If you need a Business SEO Company to take your business to the next level, email us today. We will show you a SEO Plan, built specifically for your business and industry. We’ve helped businesses reach their potential on Google, Yahoo and Bing (both locally, regionally and nationally) for over a decade.

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