Gain search ranking with engaging content.

You can’t add your website to a few directories and be successful on search engines anymore. It used to be that easy, but Google (and Yahoo/Bing) have all developed AI based, strategic search systems which evolve every day.

The way to become successful in 2022 and beyond is unique, engaging content.

On your website, set up a blog. Within this blog, you should post weekly content that is unique to your website, industry or niche. This content should be engaging, informative and packed with SEO keywords. This will give search engines something to “grab”, while their bots crawl the web.

In your blog post (assuming your website is WordPress based), include your target keywords 2-3 times in the content, then utilize the same keywords in your URL string and in the blog tags section. This will show search engines that you’re targeting a specific set of keywords.

Building engaging content on your business website will keep search engines interested and will continually add SEO power to your website. If you’re looking for custom blog posting services, combined with industry leading SEO services, take a look at our Automated SEO Plans. If you’re writing your own content, we can provide off-site backlinks, through our Link Building Service, to boost the keywords you are already targeting.

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