Why you should diversify your backlinks.

Diversification in your backlink profile is key. Long gone are the days of trying to “trick” Google. Their AI-powered systems no longer look at general backlink count, it looks for unique, “organic” content, that it can serve to it’s searchers. To properly market your website, you should post unique, organic content.. as much as possible. Then, when building the Backlink Portfolio for your website, you should diversify your links.

Start with lower level backlinks from friend’s websites, social media posts or on other websites that you contribute content to. From there, acquiring backlinks should be a steady and monitored process. You should start with lower level website links, pointing back to your website.. then growing these links to stronger and stronger links, as you grow both your on-site content and your off-site backlink portfolio.

For example, we’ve seen other SEO Service Companies in the past pitch buying bulk backlinks at high DA (Domain Authority) ranked websites. Starting a SEO Campaign like this, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have issues down the road. Google can’t be “tricked”. Everything you do on and off your website for your search engine marketing campaign should look and feel natural.

Our Automated SEO Plans carefully find link placements on natural looking blog and news sites, which have a specific ranking, determined by our SEO Platform, to be right for your website. Once your website grows, we will implement higher DA (Domain Authority) links. The best part about our Automated SEO Plans, is we’ll post weekly SEO rich content on your website, growing your website’s SEO power, as your business grows.

Natural distribution and steady, unique content is key for long term search engine success.

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