WordPress 6.0's Major Release is here.

Even though WordPress 5.9 was just released a few months ago, WordPress 6.0 is now here! WordPress 6.0 is a “major” release from WordPress and we’ve begun testing and updating clients who are on WordPress Maintenance Plans up to 6.0.

The official release date of WordPress 6.0 was May 24th, 2022. There are some considerable upgrades with WordPress 6.0 including:

There are several updates to editor blocks as well as a global style switching tool. WordPress 6.0 also offers additional template options and more theme options as well as Patterns, Design Tools, Additional Layout Options and more.

Even better, the sites that we’ve updated to WordPress 6.0 so far have increased site speed by a small percentage.

We recommend updating your WordPress Website to WordPress 6.0 as soon as possible, as it’s now a stable release and ready to update.

Thank you for visiting Astounding Designs. If you need any WordPress Help, WordPress Website Maintenance, WordPress Website Design or if you need any help with your WordPress Website, please contact us. We’re more than happy to help.

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