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WordPress 6.0’s Major Release is here.

Even though WordPress 5.9 was just released a few months ago, WordPress 6.0 is now here! WordPress 6.0 is a “major” release from WordPress and we’ve begun testing and updating clients who are on WordPress Maintenance Plans up to 6.0. The official release date of WordPress 6.0 was May 24th, 2022. There are some considerable […]

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[SOLVED] Fixing All-In-One Migration Stuck at 0%

We’ve recently had several clients experience an issue with the All-In-One Migration plugin for WordPress. When uploading an older backup of a website via All-In-One, the grey slider would sit and stick at 0%, without uploading. We explored the support forums for All-In-One and they suggest upgrading to their Pro version and using a backup […]

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